My Cell Project

Published November 1, 2012 by Lizzy

This post will be about a project based on cells,if you want to know how we are going to make our hand made cell is by a editable or a non editable way.The editable way is made out of food that can be anything as long as it is no bigger than a cup cake.The non editable cell is a model made of items like clay,rocks and stuff like that.

Now that you know how we have to make our cells I will now tell you how we have to present the cell.We have to tell the function/what do the cells do longevity/how long do they live reproduction/how do cells reproduce and Plant or Animal/difference.

I would like to start off with the jobs of the cell parts. .Mitochondria-The power house of a cell otherwise food and oxygen react to release energy.Nucleus-The nucleus is the control center of a cell the nucleus is made of DNA and RNS the nucleus also produces ribosome and helps in movement of rough endoplasmic reticulum.Cell membrane-The cell membrane is the thin outer covering that holds the cell together.Chromosome-The chromosome is string like structure that carries information controlling the cell activity.Organelle-Organelle is a tiny structure in cytoplasm of a cell that performs a special job.Cytoplasm-Cytoplasm is clear jelly like structure that fills 50%  volume between the nucleus and the ribosome. Endoplasmic reticulum-Endoplasmic reticulum is classified in rough and smooth. The rough is important for protein synthesis. The smooth is important for synthesis such as lipid and membrane proteins. Ribosome-The main function of the ribosome is they aid in protein synthesis which is used for storage or incorporation in membranes. Vacuole-Vacuole is a membrane, the vacuole helps digest and release waste products. I hope you enjoyed this post about cells and don’t forget to stay cool. Good bye.



Published October 9, 2012 by Lizzy

What I am reading in Reading Workshop is a book by the title of Miracle Pets by Allan Zullo. Chapter 3 page 19 Jessie a dog hero belongs to a nice man named Mike Lalley in a house in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. This dog was no ordinary dog. TRUST ME! This dog saved 6 cats from death.I picked this chapter’s main charactor because most dogs do not get along or save cats[my dog gets along with the cats].But my point is I do not see many dogs save or get along with cats.I hope you like the same or more than I did.It is okay if you do not like this book I am just saying all of my opinions on this book.If you did not read this book I strongly recommend this book for read at home and SSR.Do not forget stay cool.Bye.


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Working Hard

Published October 9, 2012 by Lizzy

This post is about working hard and how it pays off later and in the end.I work hard in class at home,braves period,the bus,and any spare time in the day.The reason I use that kind of time is because good grades,good grades mean a lot to me.There are probably people who are like me.Those people who are like me are people that care about good grades and use that free and spare time,and work hard like me.Unfortunately there are people who think they have better things to do than getting good grades,and do not care about their future life.This bad stuff can be caused by bad parents,parents do not know,or telling lies.I hope you understand and learned that working hard gets you good grades and pays off.I will talk to you in the next post and do not forget stay cool,good bye.

My Stay At Myrtle Beach

Published October 9, 2012 by Lizzy

This post will be about a social studies project I did.This project will tell you the story about my first stay, latitude and longitude, hemisphere,and five interesting facts,and maybe a map picture.

I really did not know Myrtle Beach is a vacation or what Myrtle Beach was, so I did not think about it,that is all because it was my first stay.I was feeling confused,I still felt like I would still have a good time.The things that got my attention was,it was not a one night stay,the ride was ridiculously long,and I realized how walkie-talkies work.

I had tons of fun at the beach the mall and the pools.It was also fun because we got to look for seashells at night to keep forever.However there was a bad part at the mall me and Oakley got a herment crab.Me and mom were at the hotel.I wanted to take the hermet crab out.Then when I forgot crabs can pinch you.I was holding it in my hand then.OUCH!The crab pinched me hard enough my hand started bleeding.I started crying it hurt so bad.So that was the bad part of the stay.Now let’s start in on some facts from my progect.The first english settlement was made in 1670 at the Albemarle point on the Ashley (name of my cousin)river,but poor conditions drove the settlers to the site of Charleston.Next fact.Several native american groups lived in South Carolina.Largest among these groups were the Cherokee,the Catawba,and the Yamasee.Last fact.There are more than 300 public and private golf courses in South carolina(Uncle Bob’s paradice).Latitude and longitude is 33 degrees north and 78 degrees west.the hemisphere is north of the equator.These are the people that came.Great grandma,Mammaw,Pappaw,Mom,Oakley,me(Lizzy),Teresa,andTyke all came I hope you go to Myrtle beach with your family and friends and other ansesters and have fun like I did.I will talk to tou on the next post and don’t forget to stay cool.Bye.