Published October 9, 2012 by Lizzy

What I am reading in Reading Workshop is a book by the title of Miracle Pets by Allan Zullo. Chapter 3 page 19 Jessie a dog hero belongs to a nice man named Mike Lalley in a house in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. This dog was no ordinary dog. TRUST ME! This dog saved 6 cats from death.I picked this chapter’s main charactor because most dogs do not get along or save cats[my dog gets along with the cats].But my point is I do not see many dogs save or get along with cats.I hope you like the same or more than I did.It is okay if you do not like this book I am just saying all of my opinions on this book.If you did not read this book I strongly recommend this book for read at home and SSR.Do not forget stay cool.Bye.


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2 comments on “Jessie

  • Does this book get kindda scary when you read it when he saves the dog. I like your post because it looks like you put a lot of time on it . I also do not see very many dogs save cats because i have two dogs and so many cats and I have never seen one save a cat before.

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