My Cell Project

Published November 1, 2012 by Lizzy

This post will be about a project based on cells,if you want to know how we are going to make our hand made cell is by a editable or a non editable way.The editable way is made out of food that can be anything as long as it is no bigger than a cup cake.The non editable cell is a model made of items like clay,rocks and stuff like that.

Now that you know how we have to make our cells I will now tell you how we have to present the cell.We have to tell the function/what do the cells do longevity/how long do they live reproduction/how do cells reproduce and Plant or Animal/difference.

I would like to start off with the jobs of the cell parts. .Mitochondria-The power house of a cell otherwise food and oxygen react to release energy.Nucleus-The nucleus is the control center of a cell the nucleus is made of DNA and RNS the nucleus also produces ribosome and helps in movement of rough endoplasmic reticulum.Cell membrane-The cell membrane is the thin outer covering that holds the cell together.Chromosome-The chromosome is string like structure that carries information controlling the cell activity.Organelle-Organelle is a tiny structure in cytoplasm of a cell that performs a special job.Cytoplasm-Cytoplasm is clear jelly like structure that fills 50%  volume between the nucleus and the ribosome. Endoplasmic reticulum-Endoplasmic reticulum is classified in rough and smooth. The rough is important for protein synthesis. The smooth is important for synthesis such as lipid and membrane proteins. Ribosome-The main function of the ribosome is they aid in protein synthesis which is used for storage or incorporation in membranes. Vacuole-Vacuole is a membrane, the vacuole helps digest and release waste products. I hope you enjoyed this post about cells and don’t forget to stay cool. Good bye.


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